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Threaded fittings are suitable for commercial water supply pipeline

  Provide key technique support for a wide range of applications in the engineering of the stainless steel threaded pipe, connection can be used for household, commercial "water supply system" in stainless steel pipe. The design pressure of stainless steel screw thread pipe fittings in China the value and the actual value of working pressure; flux appearance performance, corrosion, sealing performance, process performance conforms to the national standards.

  Stainless steel screw thread pipe fittings with soft soldering method for brazing flux activity, but always can not reach the requirements. Study on welding mechanism and reaction rules based on active ingredients, in order to develop and use stainless steel screw thread pipe fittings, stainless steel fittings and the smooth realization of thread soldering (300 DEG C) the soldering flux formula. On the surface of the pipe and stainless steel screw film flux reaction and its removal mechanism were discussed in detail, the physical and chemical properties and mechanical performance of brazing stainless steel screw thread pipe fittings agent was tested and evaluated.

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